Mundan, shaving of a childs hair or according to me, taking away my sons beautiful curls is apparently one of the most celebrated ceremonies in the Hindu culture (hmm!!!). To say that I am sad about my sons mundan this Sunday is an understatement. Let me explain – according to Hindu beliefs, the hair present at birth represents unwanted traits from their past life and so in order not to have these be dragged through their current life with them, hindu’s shave their childrens hair to give them a fresh start (I would have thought that being re-born was a fresh start enough).

Medically though it is believed that when you shave their heads it stimulates the cells which then lead to better hair growth. Perhaps this is true but their hair will not grow back the same way. Most kids I’ve seen who have had beautiful soft baby hair then have rougher hair grow back in its place. It may be thicker but its not the same hair they are born with (which I guess to Hindu’s is the whole point). So why am I letting S have his head shaved? Because I’m Hindu (even if I don’t agree with all their beliefs), it’s just one of those traditions and at the end of the day, you pick your battles about what you’re okay and not okay with. Do I have to be happy about it? Certainly not; I think I’m more upset about him losing his hair than he is!!

Did you shave your childs hair? Did it help with their growth or did their hair grow back the same way?

2 thoughts on “Mundan

  1. Hi Nats welcome to blogger’s world….l luv this one! i know how u feel darling! among my three girls only Payal shaved her hair….but somehow I didn’t see any difference in their hair growth.But when Payal cut off Reana’s long ringlets,into a short hair style,I was very upset:( But they grow back and its fine! Life goes on! xx

  2. Hey Nats, I did shave both my children’s hair. At first watching the hair being shaved off saddened me a little especially when all their curls dropped down BUT when I saw their hair grow back much more evenly and with the texture just as soft, I knew I made the right choice. A little pain was worth all the gain.

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