Floating “Mama” Duck comes to Hong Kong

So it turns out there’s a floating Duck and she’s just arrived into Hong Kong. Naturally we HAD to go and see her and so my two sister in laws, S and I headed across the Victoria harbour on the ferry.

This inflatable rubber ducky is the brainchild of Dutch conceptual artist Florentijin Hofman. She is 16.5 metres high and started her world tour in 2007. She has already been to  12 different cities in 10 countries (impressive!).

The thing that struck me is the idea behind this HUGE floating duck. It represents the playfulness of childhood, using the waters of the world as its bath, it represents harmony without borders. When S is a bit older I’ll definitely be preaching this message to him. In a world filled with so much hatred and greed, I think it is important to often remind ourselves that we are all one. Whether you are from Africa or America, India or Indonesia, we’re all human and that’s what this duck was for me – a reminder that we are all interconnected.

Here are some of the pictures we took on the day 🙂

Have a great week ahead!!







photo (1)



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