Happy Mother’s Day

Motherhood – it’s such a loaded word, it encompasses so much. To some people a mother is the person who gave birth to them, for others its the person who raised them: it could be a foster mom, an adoptive mom, a step mom. But whatever shape or form your mother comes in, she is the person (or atleast one of them) who decided that your life was more important than hers. That you are her child and she is your mother and till the day she lives she will never cease to love you, care about you or worry about you. We all have different relationships with our mothers. Some are our best friends, some really annoy us, some constantly nag us while others totally dote on us but whatever relationship you have with her, you’ll always love your mom.

My mother taught me to value motherhood as the most important job in the world. I was lucky to be blessed with a mother who stayed at home, who was always there when we came home, who treated motherhood as her full time responsibility. In doing this I valued the time she gave us. I’m almost 30 and when I visit her she still gives me her undivided attention. Because of whom my mother raised me to be, there was never any doubt in my mind that I wanted to be a mother. She taught me to place being a mother as the highest priority and now I feel truly blessed to be called “mama” myself.


Motherhood has changed me in so many ways. I was a different version of myself before S came along and I think now I’m a better version of myself. So what has motherhood taught me?

Motherhood has taught me to notice the world, to notice myself. It has made me stronger and yet vulnerable. It has made me more grateful but also more fearful.

Motherhood has taught me to value another human being more than life itself. It has taught me how to love with every cell in my body.

Motherhood has taught me to be more responsible and stand up for what’s right. It has made me appreciate and respect my parents even more.

Motherhood has shown me that I can live on very little sleep. It also has taught me patience I didn’t know I had in me.

Motherhood has made me question everything, given me the desire to learn more and challenge myself constantly.

Motherhood has made me tired but above all it’s also made me happy beyond belief.

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!


What has motherhood taught you?

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2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. You are so right about noticing the world more now – I just love going on days out with a little person as you just notice so much more and it forces me to be present in a way just wouldn’t if I wasn’t a mum, I don’t think! Thanks for linking up lovely xx #Thelist xx

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