Happy Fathers Day

Fathers are the men in our lives who make the sacrifices we never see. So often when I look back at my childhood, I think about all the things I had and the experiences I went through. Its only now as an adult I am aware of the sacrifices my dad made to give me those things. Forget just as a child, he still makes sacrifices for me. Although we should be saying thank you everyday, today is the day we salute our dads and say THANK YOU. This is what I’d like to thank my dad for:

1. You always said every kid should know how to catch and kick a ball and ride a bike. Thanks for the time you gave us teaching us this.

2. Thanks for giving Sam and I 5 words a day to learn during our summer holidays. I owe my vocabulary and spelling to you.

3. Thanks for taking us to adventure camps, Butlins and camping when we were kids so we developed a sense of adventure and love for the outdoors.

4. Thanks for story telling every night, developing our sense of imagination.

5. Thanks for agreeing to get us a pet monkey when we were younger. Not many kids can say they had a pet monkey šŸ™‚

6. Thanks for pushing us to believe we can do anything and be anyone if we set our minds to it. To dream the impossible.

7. Thanks for being the dad who always got in the pool with all the kids and taught us how to swim and dive.

8. Last but not least, thanks for the love and time you give S as a granddad.


As most of you have experienced I’m sure, men are stubborn! This Fathers Day, ITV1 are promoting “Stand by your man”. It is a campaign to raise awareness forĀ Prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is one of those that you don’t even know you have until much later, often when it is too late. Symptoms don’t show up like most other cancers. The aim of the campaign is to get the man in your life talking. Has he been feeling run down lately? Is he always tired? Has he had a check at the doctors recently?

For more information about the campaign, visit their site here.

For more information about Prostate Cancer, visit Prostate Cancer UK.

Whatever you’re doing today, have a lovely Sunday. Happy Fathers Day.


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