A King is born!

A King is born!!


It sounds like something out of a Shakespearean play doesn’t it? And yet it’s reality. That’s right, William and Kate’s baby boy was born Monday 22nd July and weighed 8lbs and 6oz. He was born in the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s hospital. Will and Kate spent 4 hours with their little bundle of joy before the birth was officially announced. Crowds of people stood outside Buckingham Palace and St. Mary’s hospital hoping to catch a glimpse of the Royal couple and the baby.

Finally at around 7pm’ish today (23rd July), they left the hospital. Kate looked radiant and a little overwhelmed and teary while Will looked confident and proud of his little family. He said the baby had a good set of lungs on him, thankfully more hair than him and Kate’s looks…aww….!! He then confidently put the car seat into the car, wiped his brow as if to say “phew” and drove off to their home, Kensington Palace.


So what’s the obsession with the Royal Family? I got to be honest, I am not a Royalist but what I do love about this couple is their down to earth’ness. I think things have definitely changed since Charles and Diana got married. Although Diana tried to break tradition, she was often put down because of it and of course her life came to an end when she was so young ūüė¶ Kate and William on the other hand have been able to do things the way they want to.¬†William married “the girl next door” who once walked at a fashion show in a transparent dress. Last year a French magazine got pictures of her sunbathing topless. Now with their son they’ve opted not to hire a maternity nurse but to spend the first few weeks bonding with their son themselves. This too goes against typical Royal tradition. Only one day old and his daddy has already changed his nappy once! Hear Hear William!

I know many people are against the Royal Family. Especially people who feel like Britain invaded their country or took something from them but to me, I think it’s special. Yes, ofcourse, every baby is special and is a gift but the Royal baby has just brought the Nation together in harmony. That can’t be a bad thing? It was nostalgic for me as well as S was born in the Lindo Wing and we walked down those¬†very steps when we left the hospital. Don’t remember there being as many cameras when my prince was born though haha

People across the Commonwealth are happy with congratulatory messages coming from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. And the Americans seem to love them as well!


I’m sure Diana is smiling down on her son, daughter in law and grandson.

For a bit of fun, try the quiz: How much do you know about the Royal baby?

What are your views on the birth of the Royal baby?

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