Saying it like it is!

I came across this post by Mother Cusser and she hit the nail on the head with how I feel about fear based parenting.

Here’s an excerpt…you can find the whole article here.

“I know the media scares us. Believe me, I grieve when I hear about those horrible stories of children being taken, hurt or killed. It’s sick. And, like you, I would do anything to protect my children from such horrors.

But does that mean keep them in a box? Does that mean keeping the umbilical cord firmly connected? Does that mean restricting them to the point that they themselves are too scared to try anything new because of what horrible things might happen??


(The truth is more abuse and kidnappings happen by the people we already know and trust, folks. Coaches, family members, priests etc.)

Mark my words. August 27, 2013. I am saying that by age 30, 75% of our generation of children will STILL BE LIVING AT HOME. They will be small minded, fearful, and totally dependent on Mommy and Daddy to make decisions for them and to support them emotionally and financially. They will not have the wherewithal to withstand stress and change, they will not have the self-esteem to make good decisions and they will not have the independent spirit to do what it takes support themselves, let alone a family.

What’s my point?

Let them live NOW.”


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