Virgin’s little secret

Before anyone starts getting too excited, this post is about Virgin Atlantic’s little secret and not anything else šŸ˜‰

I’ve noticed on the HK mom forum I’m on, one of the most frequently asked questions is “Which is the best airline to fly with my baby/toddler?” The people of HK are lucky in that most UK based flights fly via HK to Australia and so they don’t just have to consider Cathay or Quantas but can also fly British Airways and Virgin from Hong Kong to Australia.

For the last five and a half years I have flown with Cathay PacificĀ and I have to say, they have been great. Their level of service, their offers and for the most part, their aircrafts, have been of a good standard. Then along came S. Cathay Pacific charge 10% of the highest fare in your class of travel for infants. Said infant does not even get a seat but rather a bassinet or your lap. They have no hand baggage allowance and only 10kg checked in luggage and you can either check in a stroller OR a car seat. Suddenly flying with an infant, Cathay doesn’t sound that appealing.


In come Virgin Atlantic. Last week S and I flew from London to Lagos (Nigeria) to visit my brother. It’sĀ a relatively short flight (6Ā hours) and there is no time difference between London and Lagos so jetlag isn’t an issue. When we booked our seats, the lovely lady at Virgin let us onto a little secret…seat plus!! So what is seat plus you ask? Staring from only Ā£60, you can essentially buy the seat beside you. Virgin guarantee it will be free, making your journey in economy a lot more comfortable.


Seat Plus was a lifesaver! The seat beside me was free so after take off I was able to lie S down and he could sleep comfortably for the duration of the flight. The second great thing about Virgin Atlantic is their baggage allowance. An infant gets 10kg hand baggage, a 23kg checked in bag and the option to check in a stroller AND a car seat. Also, you can buy up to 10 checked in bags for a fee on any route and an infants ticket is 10% of your ticket and not the full fare on that class.

The staff were pleasant and helpful and we enjoyed our journey with them. I’m still a Cathay fan but when travelling with an infant, Virgin gets my vote!


What airline do you usually travel with?

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