Story of Mum

I recently came across a site called Story of Mum which I love. They have all sorts of ways for moms to get involved and provide you with lots of creative ideas and channels to share your story.



But one I loved the most was this one. Write one sentence describing what has made you happy each day for a week, then share them here. So here it goes:

Monday 7th October

Seeing S happily settling into his first morning at nursery with no tears.

Tuesday 8th October

An amazing business proposal came my way

Wednesday 9th October

Listening to Sam, my brother, imitating his clearing agent. If you ever need a laugh…

Thursday 10th October

Watching s laugh hysterically in the car, while I make funny faces

Friday 11th October

Hanging out with friends I haven’t spent time with in years, catching up on old memories

Saturday 12th October

Taking a quick walk through Ikoyi Club – a family club I practically grew up in – so many happy memories and having dinner with my family.

Sunday 13th October

My darling  boy – everyday he does something funny, silly and cute. Almost everyday he also tests my patience but seeing him grow and watching him learn new things everyday makes me so very happy.

What makes you happy?

2 thoughts on “Story of Mum

  1. I love your list of happy moments! Thanks so much for sharing Story of Mum here, and for capturing the happiness in your life – I still capture those happy moments for myself too, it’s such a wonderful way of seeing the joyful, even in the difficult days. Today my happiest moment was a long one – 90 toasty snuggly delicious minutes tucked up on the sofa with my husband and our two kids under a blanket to watch Mulan x

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