Baby P

Anyone who has followed the news in the UK in the last 7 years would have heard of “Baby P”. Peter Connelly as we now know him was unfortunately born to Tracey Connelly, a woman unfit to be a mother. She allowed her baby boy to be abused and suffer at the hands of her boyfriend and his brother. In 2009 she was jailed indefinitely, with a minimum of 5 years. Last week it was announced that she would be released and there was uproar. People couldn’t understand why someone who permitted such a thing to happen to her child, was allowed free. Among the injuries the child suffered at the hands of his carers were a broken back, gashes to the head, a fractured shinbone, a ripped ear, blackened fingers and toes, with a missing fingernail, skin torn from the nose and mouth, cuts on the neck and a tooth knocked out.

Initially I saw it another way. Do I think she should rot in hell? Yes. But I believed coming out into the world would be hell for her. In prison she is safe, she is fed, looked after (with tax payers money I might add). Out in the big bad world she will be alone, jobless and friendless, at risk of being hurt by those who are so angry by what she did. The only concern is that she may get pregnant again. But even then, social services will take her baby away from her.


But then I read this and this. And it literally made my stomach turn! As a mother, I cannot understand how someone who carried and gave birth to their child can allow him to be brutally killed. And as a woman, I don’t understand how any man can be attracted to that sort of person.

Also, after 60 visits from social services, why was her child still allowed to stay with her? 15 visits should be enough to know something is seriously wrong!

Personally I think she should be put through the same pain her son experienced and rot in a prison cell with no access to the outside world. It may sound inhumane but she deserves nothing more.

You can watch a video of Peter Connelly’s short life here (Be sure to have a tissue box ready!).

On many internet forums I’ve seen the same question being asked: Should capital punishment be re-introduced in the UK?



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