Everyone, please help me make this person infamous

Read and share, please. Like Matt Walsh, I’d like to make this man infamous. So that when he walks the streets, people know who he is. People keep their daughters away from him, he never gets another job. And so even though he didn’t go to jail, he’ll feel like he’s in jail. It is beyond me how a teacher can take advantage of his student like this and get away with it. And if infact the 15 year old is “precocious” or “vying for his attention” then it is his job to set things straight. Not use it to his advantage.

The Matt Walsh Blog

Jared Marcum was arrested and charged with a crime for wearing an NRA t-shirt to his school in West Virginia.

Justin Carter, a teenager in Texas, spent months in jail after making a sarcastic (yet inappropriate) joke on his Facebook page.

In Virginia, a 10 year old boy was arrested and charged for bringing a plastic toy gun onto a school bus.

Christian Adamek, a 15 year old student, was threatened with being put on the sex offender registry for streaking at a high school football game. He hanged himself a few days after his arrest.

Cody Chitwood, 17, faces 10 years in prison for having a tackle box with fishing knives — in his car, parked outside his school.

I could go on and on and on. Everyday, children and teens are expelled, arrested, and jailed for games, jokes, innocuous behavior, and harmless juvenile antics. We have a “zero…

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