Turning 30!!

So this post is a little over due, I turned 30 last month. But better late ever than never…

For a long time I didn’t look forward to 30, it felt so much older. Like it was the end of my 20’s, of that time when you still felt young and carefree. And to a certain point, the time when you could get away with a lot more. Because you were in your 20’s, because you were young. When I thought of turning 30, I thought you have to be that much more responsible, people’s expectations of you change and you suddenly feel older. Then a couple of years ago, a few friends started turning 30 and claimed life got better and it showed. They were happier and more active. It’s almost as if now they were 30 they could get away with a lot more haha And so I started feeling positive and actually looking forward to it.

My 20’s gave me a lot, most importantly, it gave me S. Things could only get better, right?! But then life threw me a curveball and I found myself in a very different space and all of a sudden I couldn’t believe I was turning 30!! There was still so much I wanted to do and be. But saying all that, time stops for no one and so here I am: 30 years, 1 month and 3 days old and I have learnt a lot in the last couple of months. I suppose ringing in a new decade is similar to New Years, a catalyst for some self reflection and introspection.

So thought I’d share some key things I’ve learnt in my 20’s. I also read a lovely article which you can read here. And so taking some great advice from this piece, I intend on living a life full of love and laughter so when the end of my days come, I will hopefully have no regrets. It is often said that you don’t regret the things you did, but often regret the things you didn’t do. So whether it is getting another tattoo, travelling the world or losing 20kg, I’m on my way to doing it.

1. Time waits for no one. Get on with things or miss out because either way you’ll never get the last minute back. It’s so easy to say “when xyz happens then I’ll do abc”…do it now!!

2. Maturity comes in at different ages. I know some very mature 25 year olds and some very immature 40 year olds.


3. Go with your gut instinct and do what “feels” right for you. Other’s well intentioned advice isn’t always the right thing for you. It doesn’t matter who is saying it, if it doesn’t feel right for you, don’t do it!

4. Only you can make yourself happy. Ultimately people and things won’t bring you as much joy as you choosing to be joyous.

5. Sometimes the people who are not supposed to let you down will. But you’ll get over it. Let go!


6. Friends are such important people in your life. For me my family have always been supportive but very often my friends have kept me standing. I see so many people who change when they get a new job, a new partner, a new child. Even with all the new things in your life, cherish your friends.

7. When life doesn’t seem to go your way, ask yourself “Will this matter in 5 years time?” Sometimes we’re so close to things, we can’t see the wood for the trees. But it is only when we step back and give ourselves time, do things make perfect sense.


8. We create our own lives – happiness, sadness, success, failures, all experiences good and bad. Our life as we know it is a series of our own choices. If something is wrong today, it is because of a choice we made yesterday or the day before or the year before. If you want your tomorrow to be different, change your today.


9. Relationships take work, whatever relationships they may be. It takes communication, gratitude, honesty and trust. These are the pillars of any great relationship.

10. Tell people how you feel about them, don’t assume they know. One of my best friends always insisted we played what we now call “the birthday game” at each of our friends birthdays. We’d go around the table and say one thing we love about the person who’s birthday it is. Not only does it make the birthday girl feel special but it’s amazing to hear the things people love and appreciate about you, often you don’t even realise those little things you do make an impact. So thanks Karishma for making the birthday game one of our traditions 🙂


11. Don’t live life out of a sense of obligation. Instead choose a career, relationship, path that makes you the happiest you can be because when you’re happy, you’re at your best and in turn the people around you will be happy.

12. Carrying and nurturing a child is one of a woman’s greatest advantages. My family were sitting around the table a few nights ago debating whether it was better to be a man or a woman. For me, the act of being able to bring life into this world was enough to choose being a woman every time. Even amidst chaos, children bring such joy into our lives.


13. What someone else thinks about you is their opinion and their truth, not yours. Let them have their own opinions, be confident with who you are so what they say/think won’t matter.

14. Show gratitude to the people who have helped you along the way and never fail to tell them. It is a cheap and easy way to make someone else feel good.


15. The person who challenges you the most, is your greatest teacher. For It is only when we are challenged, that we learn and change. So rather than be angry at xyz, ask yourself “What lesson did I need to learn?” and “How can I do things differently next time?” I have found that when you stop blaming someone else for everything that happens to you, it is like releasing all this negative energy you are carrying around with you. You feel so much lighter 🙂

So 30’s, I’m ready for you….bring it on!!


14 thoughts on “Turning 30!!

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  2. I’m not far from 30 either and I feel like leaving our 20s behind takes us out of the ‘young’ phase but not quite in the ‘old’ phase….my most favourite points are 3. 8. and 12. So many of the little things just don’t matter and you should just do what makes you happy/what will better your life! #happyquacks

  3. Happy birthday! It’s weird the way something goes off in your head when you turn 30 that makes you feel more secure in yourself and more confident about your place in the world.

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