Christmas is coming…

Christmas is coming!!!!

If you’re from the UK and more specifically from London, there are usually 3 signs that Christmas is coming.

1. Red cups at Starbucks


2. The coca cola advert


3. The Oxford Street lights


And all three are here (or there) which makes me very excited. I’m probably not as excited as I could be since I’m in Lagos and it’s 28 degrees everyday and S is walking around in shorts, a t-shirt and sandals but from next week, we’ll be back in freezing cold London, feeling very festive indeed.

People have often asked me what is it that I love about London at Christmas. My answer…it is pure magic! Close your eyes and picture this with me. You’re walking down Oxford Street, sipping an eggnog latte (insert your drink of choice here) in a red cup, there’s a guy roasting chesnuts on the side of the road and as you cross the street you get a waft of it. The Selfridges shop window is beautiful…you can see Debenhams down the road all lit up in red (this is from 8 years ago, the last time I spent Christmas in London – Debenhams revamped themselves this year). Christmas Carols are playing in all the shops and everyone’s freezing but smiling as they pick out Christmas presents for their friends and family. You walk into any store and hot air blows in your face, a cosy feeling compared to the damp cold outside.

I could go on but you get the picture 🙂 I’m sure there are people who could tell me about the crowds, the rowdiness, the shoving and the pushing at Christmas time. But as you know I’m a glass half full kind of person so I choose to see the best at Christmas.

To start getting into the spirit of Christmas while I’m still here in Lagos, I’ve ordered Christmas sweaters for S and I online, ordered some of his presents and a personalised stocking, watched all the christmas ads (my favourites are the Coca Cola one, the Marks & Spencer one and the TK Maxx one) and I’m reading “Coming Home for Christmas” by Jenny Hale.

I can’t wait to spend time with family, drink lots of mulled wine, devour my aunt’s amazing Christmas lunch, open too many presents (hint! hint!) and laugh…ALOT!!

Are you as #christmasobsessed as I am?

4 thoughts on “Christmas is coming…

  1. I love (and miss) the Christmas atmosphere in London! I miss the Christmas shopping (mostly for myself) at Selfridges and I do (sometimes) miss the cold. Mostly, I miss having a winter wardrobe!

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