Do you have twenty minutes to spare?

A couple of weeks ago, my cousin Renu (who blogs at Blue Brown Soul) told me about a 21 day meditation hosted by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. They’ve been holding regular 3 week meditation sessions routinely and I’d started one last year but never finished it. So I thought this was my opportunity to try again. The topic was Desire & Destiny. But…I forgot about it on the 11th. Good thing my dad reminded me yesterday and I started it…albeit a few days late.

You can check it out and register here.

It’s only 20 minutes long, of which the first 7/8 minutes is Oprah & Deepak’s soothing voices, guiding you towards the meditation and then the actual meditation. I sat in my living room on the 7th floor, the balcony door was open and there was a cool breeze running over me as I allowed their voices and the music to carry me up into the clouds.

The first day they asked us to ask ourselves “Who am I?” This is a question everyone should ask themselves, it leads to deep inner reflection. I am not just Natasha, daughter, sister, mother. I am so much more than that. During the meditation we focused on the mantra “So Hum”.

The second day we focused on choices. And how our choices affect our karma. If we want to alter our karmic path, we need to change our choices. The Sanskrit mantra we meditated on was “Om Kriyam Namah”.

It’s only 20 minutes of your day but will give you a lot more than that in peace. I’m challenging myself to get through the 21 days, I’ll let you know how I go!

Have a happy weekend!

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