Coming home for Christmas – A review

At the recommendation of a friend last week (and since Christmas is coming), I ordered the kindle edition of Coming Home for Christmas by Jenny Hale off


Coming Home for Christmas is about Allie who finds herself unemployed and moves back home to Virginia with her mom. In steps Megan, her hot shot real estate agent sister who suggests she apply to be the house manager of Ashford, home to the very wealthy Marley family. Right from the first page, you can’t help but love Allie. She’s sweet and funny and totally mixed up (Maybe I liked her because I could totally resonate with her!). She follows signs and “flips coins” to make decisions in her life.

She ends up getting the job and you’re introduced to the Marley family. Given the wealth they are accustomed to, they are down to earth and inviting, never treating her like the help. You end up falling in love with every member of the family – Pippa, Sloane (and her boys Paul & Sammy), Kip and ofcourse Robert Marley. 

I loved the book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a light hearted, easy to read book that leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling at the end.

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