Am I kidding myself?

This is a question for all mummy bloggers out there.

There are three things people often ask me and my response is always the same: “I’ll do it when S starts speaking and can understand me better and respond to me”.

1. When and how I will wean him off his pacifier – I intend to explain to him that he’s a big boy and the paci fairy is coming to take his paci’s away and leave him with a toy that he wants. Obviously this will all be done in elaborate style with a lot of drama so he feels very special šŸ˜‰


2. Potty training him – I’m in no rush to do this, he’s not even 2yrs old yet but I think it’ll be easier when he can speak and tell me in words that he needs to go.


3. Getting him to go to sleep on his own and not be patted to sleep – Again, I believe when he can speak and understand me better, I can explain to him that he needs to fall asleep on his own and that I’ll be right outside should he need me, I might even buy him one of those cool night lights that throw glow in the dark stars across the ceiling.

So tell me mama’s….am I kidding myself?! When he has words on his side is he going to tell me exactly why he won’t do all those things?

4 thoughts on “Am I kidding myself?

  1. You know him best If you feel he’s not ready, then go with your instincts. However experience has taught me do one thing at a time and get rid of the paci as soon as possible the longer they have it the harder it is

  2. I read somewhere that you have to either take it away when they’re too little to know any better, or wait until they understand. I was dreading when we had to get rid of V’s, but it worked out very well!
    Potty training – you’ll know when he’s ready. I bought loads of pants for V and a potty of course. He refused to sit on it or wear the pants. Then one fine day he decided he was going to wear them AND sit on the potty. It was so easy for us I’m shocked. Maybe 2 accidents in total.
    I can’t comment on the sleeping thing *embarrassed face*

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