The return of the knitting needles

When I was in boarding school in India, I joined the knitting club as an after school activity. I’d like to think I’m quite a creative person and for the short time I was there, it was something I enjoyed. But I was 12 and my teacher would start it and get us going and we’d just knit in a straight line, making straight short things. Although I am quite the hoarder, I don’t think I actually kept anything I knitted.

Fast forward 15 years, I was in Hong Kong and my friend Sonya mentioned to me that her mom was knitting scarves for the homeless as part of the Sai Centre. So off to Spotlight we went to buy ourselves knitting needles and wool and knit some scarves of our own. I really enjoyed it again and I still have what I knitted but unfortunately it was quite wide and too short to be a scarf so I never really used it.


Some people think of knitting as an old lady’s hobby but really knitting is quite therapeutic and I think there is great pleasure to be had in knitting something for your baby or your grandchild. So here I am again with the urge to knit. I popped into hobby craft last week to have a look at what they had but my issue is that every time I have knitted, someone has started it for me and so I have no clue how to get it going. Last night I went over to my cousins house to drop something off and lo and behold, she was knitting a scarf!! I definitely didn’t have her down as the knitting type and she’s not even 25 (so maybe knitting is in fact quite the cool thing to do ;-))

She said she’d show me how to start it and so fuelled with confidence I did a little digging and a friend I asked advice from gave me a link for a Knit Camp by Slugs on the Refrigerator.

So from the 6th of January I’ll be attempting to knit S a scarf and if that goes well then maybe even a small blanket. Wish me luck folks, I’ll keep you posted with pictures of my knitting adventure! If S is anything like me, he’ll be able to show his grandkids the first scarf his mama knit him.

Happy Sunday!!

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