The joys of leaving my phone behind

Oh what a bit of sunshine does to us Londoners!! Yesterday was the most beautiful winter day. If you live in the UK, your most common topic of conversation most probably revolves around the weather. And if you’ve been in the UK for the last few weeks, you’ll know how miserable the weather has been. It’s rained almost every day this year (it’s even raining now). But oh, yesterday was beautiful!! The sky was clear and blue with a few fluffy white cotton wool like clouds dotted around. The sun was shining and it felt like the summer (just a tad cooler!) I even saw some people driving around with the roof down on their convertibles.

I’d been waiting for yesterday all year. Bright and early, S and I left for the park. We try and go for a long walk through the parks most Sundays but due to the weather it’s not something we’ve got to do a lot this year. We strolled through our local park and then headed on down to London Zoo. I’m a ZSL member and S goes free. We saw all his favourite animals and because there were no crowds, unlike in the summer, we got to see each of them up close and personal. Mr. Gorilla came right up to the glass then turned around and showed us his bare bum before swinging away on the ropes. The tiger sat on the wall proudly and after roar’ing his way through the Zoo, S finally spotted the lion. He loved it!

But what was the best part of the morning? I left my phone at home! There is much to be said about leaving your phone behind. No checking Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. And no taking pictures. Sure, there were lots of picture moments but instead when I think back now, all I remember is the quality moments I spent with S. We spotted aeroplanes because the sky was clear, we saw lots of animals and petted some of them. We then stopped off at the playground and S went on the swings before finally walking home with S stopping off to say hi to all the dogs along the way.

I put a picture up on my Facebook page not long ago about putting your phone down and going outside and so I decided to take my own advice and it was liberating. I did have to stop and ask two people for the time because no phone and no watch left me literally lost for time but they were happy to oblige. Think I might make it a weekly thing 🙂 You should try it sometime…

Happy Monday everyone!

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14 thoughts on “The joys of leaving my phone behind

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  2. Excellent idea. I usually have mine switched off when I’m out and about. Partly to save the battery, but also so I’m not distracted by it when I need to be focused on other things. Have a lovely week and thank you for hosting

  3. I know how it feel sometimes when you left your phone behind and there’s a few moments you want to capture… but then I’ve noticed when we’re out with kids without a phone with me, I actually enjoyed it better coz I get to play with them rather than be on the phone checking stuff. Great post! #happyquacks

    • Thanks…I totally agree and I’m sure the kids appreciate it as well. Although my son does sometimes say “Mama, take a picture of me!” while he’s doing something “cool” 😉

  4. That sounds like a great day for you and your little one. It has rained here in Massachusetts for most of the summer, unfortunately but its so nice when we do get out. Visiting from #happyquacks

  5. I really like this idea. I have play time with the kids each day & I don’t touch my phone during it but I’ve yet to leave the house without my phone (unless it was an accident lol). Lovely quote too – if you’d like to link up with #candidcuddles quote linky later today, I’d love to have you. #happyquacks x

  6. The phone can be so distracting- always beeping and vibrating! It’s tough to ignore! I like the idea of purposefully leaving it behind. I think I’m going to try turning it off and burying it in the bottom of my bag (just so I have it in case of an emergency.) The true test will be if I can resist temptation and actually leave it there! Lovely quote- it’s of utmost importance to make time for family. Thank you so much for linking up with #candidcuddles!

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