Happy 2nd birthday

My darling boy,

How quickly your second birthday has come around, the last year has been a real whirlwind.

I want you to know what immense joy you bring to my life. The way you say mama first thing in the morning and even in your sleep, the way you’ll run across the room just to give me a hug and your contagious laugh, oh I could listen to your laugh for hours. Our cuddle time at 7 in the morning and the way you say “more more” in between your fits of laughter when I’m tickling you. The way you say “ahh” every time we see a bus and the funny faces you make in the bath. The way you sleep with your bum in the air and your ability to find Candy Crush and start playing on my phone!!

You are such a happy child with a bold and daring personality. You love your little bike and race around the house on it like you’re on a track. I can’t wait to see your face when you come down and discover your new car in the living room tomorrow morning.

I have two wishes for you on your birthday my baby boy:

1. May you always have an inquiring mind and a curious nature, for those are the qualities that will keep you learning throughout your life. And as you learn, spread your knowledge, never hoard it. The more people you can touch and make a difference to in your life, the better.

2. Be daring, be bold and be courageous for you’ll never know what’s out there if you stay in your comfort zone. Don’t be like your mama and procrastinate. The world is your oyster, go out and take what’s yours!

And one more for good luck:

3. I wish you happiness, in everything that you do but I also wish for you some challenges. For it is only when you are challenged that you grow and overcoming challenges builds character.

Happy 2nd birthday my little pooboo, love you forever.


Mama xxx

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7 thoughts on “Happy 2nd birthday

  1. Nats….you brought tears to my eyes! What lovely words…..hes blessed with a lovely “mama” with a beautiful personality. Sorry if the past year has been tough for you but Now we look at a happy times ahead. Happy birthday to Shivane! Do send me a pic in his new car at the age of 2! Mama spoiling you already!! Lol. God bless you guys always. Thinking of you…..

    Love always, Jenny

    P.S. Mikkel sleeps with his bum sticking out too!!! Makes me smile too!

  2. How lovely!! And that photo of the two of you is absolutely gorgeous. He is going to love reading this when he’s older 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList xxx

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