I gave in and now I regret it…

Indian drama TV shows!! They are one of those things I always said I wouldn’t watch. Although in many cases they are quite realistic when it comes to portraying the different family relationships, there is just TOO much drama for my liking.

But earlier in the year, I gave in and started watching one of them (I hear ya, shoot me now!) I saw a few snippets and to be honest I only started watching it because the entire storyline at the time was based on love and romance and I got swept away…sigh!!! Anyway as with most Indian love stories, the boy gets the girl and then the drama starts! The one I watch is Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara. It was all fine and dandy when I started watching it but OMG now the bit***ness has started.

I’m not sure who these producers are aiming the shows at…at mother in laws, giving them the thumbs up to make their daughter in laws life hard (although in KHDJLZ the mil is surprisingly lovely!)? At girls to show them what they should expect from wedded life? At boys to show them what sort of husbands they should be? I really don’t know….I think Indian shows need a bit of an up lift! Perhaps if shows depict loving relationships between different members of the family, the attitude of people in India will change as well.


In yesterday’s episode, a husband is sitting on the couch with his feet up while his wife is running around working and he says “Get me a glass of water!” So the grandmother (I wanted to high five her) said “Aren’t your limbs working today? Can’t you see she’s busy? Get up and get the water yourself!” But of course the ever subservient wife says “Don’t worry grandmother, I’ll get it.”

In another scene, Suparna (older sister in law) tells Saachi (younger sister in law) she’ll never be good enough for DV (her husband) and that his friends are only being polite because they pity her, etc. Ohhh, yes she did!! *I punched her in my mind*

So I’m still watching it but I’m one scene away from jumping at the television and strangling Suparna and her sister (and new accomplice) Ankita. I hate to say it, but these silly shows are addictive! I’m only watching it because I love the relationship between Saachi and DV and I’m living in the hope that eventually good will triumph evil. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!


3 thoughts on “I gave in and now I regret it…

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  2. Hmm….I m wondering if i like the content of this….The topic is too boring, but has your style….I dont think you going to have readers who relate to this…..I would really like to see you write about something that will have a lasting impact on a readers mind…like 10 yrs from now after reading the piece I should talk about it to other folks….I m being critical here….But I read your blog…

    • Thanks for your feedback Suraj, I’ll take it into consideration. There will always be some posts you prefer over others. Hopefully the next few posts will engage you more 🙂

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