The power of the internet

I’m sure almost everyone reading this has been approached on the street by a volunteer from Cancer Research UK, the RSPCA, the NSPCC (insert your charity of choice here) asking for a donation or a regular contribution to their charity. And I’m almost certain that 9/10 times you’ll say you’re in a rush, pretend to be on your phone or walk by them very quickly looking down. No judgement, I’ve done it myself!

But this week, Cancer Research UK raised over £8m in just 6 days through a campaign they didn’t even start!! #nomakeupselfies

no make up
From left-right (top): Michelle Heaton, Holly Willoughby and Kym Marsh (and below, what they look like when they are on TV).

Selfies seem to have taken over the world!! I’ve seen girls at bus stops tweaking their mouths to get the perfect pout before taking a selfie, I saw another girl stop in the middle of Oxford Street and take a selfie (there wasn’t anything picture worthy behind her), S loves to take selfies although he often misses the camera and we’ve taken a few silly selfies on rainy Saturday mornings at home. Oh and ofcourse, there was the Ellen DeGeneres selfie from the Oscars which was retweeted over 2 million times before the end of the show (what’s that? 2-3 hours?) 2 million retweets!!! Let that sink in for a second…

Oscars selfie

When I first heard about the campaign, I thought, “How is putting a makeup less picture of myself on Facebook going to make a difference?” And in fact I don’t think it does make a difference, not the picture anyway, but the donation does. The picture is just to give everyone something to do. It actually plays on our pride. I know some people who wanted to donate and had their picture ready but wouldn’t unless they were “nominated” and I know many other’s who wouldn’t dream of putting a make up less selfie up. But what are we so afraid of? That people are going to see what we really look like? That people are going to see us without our masks on? Vulnerable? Exposed? And for me that’s the crunch. Acknowledging how we feel about ourselves, not being afraid to put ourselves out there and realising that there are far worst things than a make up less picture on Facebook, and that we have so much to feel grateful for.

So here’s mine:

20140322_192307 (2)

What are your thoughts? Did you do one?

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