Grab a tissue box….

It’s Saturday night which only means one thing…Britain’s got talent!! Unfortunately I missed last weeks because I was putting S to bed and our Sky Plus Box didn’t record it. I know, I know #firstworldproblems


Anyway, Sky box all fixed, I sat down with my dinner and a glass of wine to watch the show. And I was not disappointed. The show ended with the most amazing performance by two young boys, Charlie (15) and Leondre (13). You can watch them here.

Grab a tissue box because you will cry!! I don’t know if it was the way the kid rapped, his lyrics or the fact that I’m a mom but I balled. It was one of the most moving auditions I’ve ever watched and even if they don’t go on to win, I hope their song/rap is used on an anti-bullying campaign!

And the best bit…the entire audience started chanting “Push the gold” and yes, you bet, good ol’ Simon pushed it. It was truly amazing, to see the boys reaction and the pure joy as they jumped up and down and hugged each other on stage. I can’t wait to watch them in the semi-finals and see what they have for us. Fingers crossed I get those tickets I applied for!!

Happy Saturday!! šŸ™‚

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