Liebster Award

A Liebster award?! I wasn’t sure what it was myself when I received one. Liebsters are awarded by fellow bloggers who want to spread the love and show some gratitude to the blogs they enjoy reading. Mine was awarded to me by none other than the super mom with flaming red hair….all the way from Hong Kong…The Accidental Tai-Tai. Thanks Kate! 🙂

Liebsters help put little blogs like mine on the map. And just to keep the order, there are a few rules to be followed:

Nominees should:
• Link back to the blog that nominated them

• Nominate 5-10 other bloggers, all of whom have less than 200 followers (Start thinking because this part is tougher than you think…)

• Answer questions posted by them from their nominator

• Share 10 random facts about themselves

• Create 10 new questions for their nominees to answer

• Contact their nominees to let them know they’ve been nominated

Easy? Okay, here it goes…

1. Why did you start blogging?
S and I were going to be moving to Barbados and I thought “What am I going to do with myself there?” Also, I was constantly reading up on all things baby after S was born and I felt I had lots to share and so I created my blog.

2. What’s the most interesting thing in your handbag/wallet?
My handbag rivals Mary Poppins’s handbag! You can find everything from band aids and spare hair ties to toys, nappies and lip gloss.

3. If you had only one book to read for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Given that I’m an avid reader, I can’t just choose one book. Can I cheat a little and say my kindle?! The last book I remember not being able to put down was “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown.

4. What possession would you never lend?
I really can’t think of anything I’m so attached to that I wouldn’t lend (apart from underwear ofcourse!) But in the spirit of the game I’d say my little soft toy Roger (30yrs old).

5. What is the kindest thing that someone has ever done for you?
The kindest gestures come from the people who stick up for me when I don’t know how to stick up for myself.

6. If you could live anywhere in the world (other than where you live now), where would it be?
This question is kind of ironic given how much I’ve thought about it this year. I love living in London but if I had to choose somewhere else to live, putting all practicalities aside, I’d choose to live in Hong Kong or Dubai.

7. What is your greatest luxury?
Having a helper and living in Central London.

8. Cat or dog person?
Definitely a dog person!

9. What is your favourite letter of the alphabet, and why?
S…because I like the shape and sound?!

10. What is your favourite smell?
Hypnotic Poison by Dior followed closely by the smell of petrol.

10 Random Facts about Mama Duck

1. I was born in Monrovia (West Africa).

2. I have two tattoos and am close to getting a third one.

3. When I was a young teenager, I loved the name Jessica and convinced my friends to call me that. Yes, I was seriously influenced by Sweet Valley High!!

4. I can read and write Hindi but cannot speak it fluently.

5. If you don’t know what to do with me, drop me off at a water park and I’ll be the happiest.

6. I have lived in 7 different cities and counting…

7. It was my childhood dream to see Mt. Everest and in 2007 I did when I trekked the Himalayas with my friend Bhavna.

8. I had S in the same hospital as Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince George.

9. I loveee having my hair played with.

10. I like matching pyjamas.

And here are my 10 questions for you…

1. If you could listen to one song on repeat for the rest of the year, what would it be?

2. What magazines do you read?

3. How did you choose your child/children’s names?

4. What two things could you not live without?

5. What is your dream vacation?

6. If you were stranded on a desert island for a week, which two people would you choose to have there and what two items would you want to have?

7. Showers or baths?

8. If you could have dinner with any celebrity (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

9. Stealing one from Kate…what made you start blogging?

10. Last but not least, if you could choose one cuisine to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

And my nominations go to…

The adventures of Fanny P

Chatiry World

The diary of a Lagos mum

A real mummy diary

Expat baby adventures

Off you go ladies…

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