Toddler’s morning out

S is currently on summer break from nursery and so apart from a 90 min nap at lunchtime, we have 10 hours a day to fill. I’ve decided to use this time to do things around London (and the UK) that we don’t usually get to do: The army museum, the national history museum, the science museum, Gulliver’s World, Peppa Pig World and general out and aboutness are on my list.

A fortnight ago I had friends in town and we did the Original London Bus Tour (review coming soon) and yesterday I had to go down to Holborn and took S with me. We got dropped off to the tube station (thanks mom!) and took the Northern Line and then the Central Line to Holborn. On the return we did the same journey but then took a bus home from the tube station. S absolutely loved it. He loves trains and buses and he’s at that age where he prefers not to use a pram, which actually makes life a lot easier for me. He knows we have to press the traffic light button before crossing the road and wait for the green man. He listens to instructions, holds my hand and understands the concept of “cars coming”. I’m loving this age and his new found independence.

Also, people are so friendly when you’re out and about with a toddler. Granted, S says hi and bye to practically everyone but people let you on the train first, offer you a seat quite quickly, S has even been offered fruit by a lady who’s banana he was eye’ing.

When on the tube…

Think I need to add the Transport Museum in Convent Garden to my list of places to visit before the end of the summer.

Are there any other must see toddler friendly places you recommend in London?

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