Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September 1st marks day 1 of the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Off the top of my head I can think of almost 10 people I know/knew affected by this crippling disease. More recently I heard of a little girl who was diagnosed with it and it really hit home. Not only because I’m a mom with a child the same age but also because the idea that a small helpless child, unable to properly communicate how they are even feeling, hurts my heart.


And so this month I’d like to help spread awareness because (as I recently read and totally agree)…one child affected by cancer is one child too many! I hope you’ll all check out the website and make a small donation (Text ‘GOLD’ to 70030 to donate £3 to CLIC Sargent). You can organise your own fundraising event, sign up to take part in their big bucket challenge or get involved in one of their “Give Gold” stock appeals at a local CLIC Sargent Charity Shop.

Have a great September! 🙂

One thought on “Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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