Spontaneity at it’s best

I was due to meet my friend Anni near her workplace on Baker Street this evening but an impromptu meeting took her to Mornington Crescent for the afternoon. Eventually we decided to meet in Camden which was easy for both of us to get to.

It was a short and sweet meeting and by 9 o’clock we decided to head towards the station/bus stop. As we passed The Roundhouse in Camden which is currently hosting the ITunes Festival, she mentioned how she’d applied to get tickets (I think it was some sort of lottery competition) but unfortunately didn’t get any. A minute later the bouncers asked us if we’d like to go in.

Really?? Us? But who’s on today? Really? Should we?


So in we went and got to see the man himself, live. It was absolutely amazing…his tracks were awesome and the sets were incredible!! There was confetti and fire works and I got to hear my favourite song remixed…John Legend’s All of me.

*sigh* London, have I told you lately how much I love you?

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