And so it starts….Lost in translation 1

All moms will tell you about it…those cute words your toddler uses that sound like one word but mean something else. I had my first taste of one today. In the last couple of months, S’s speech has really improved. He speaks in 4-5 word sentences, he knows what he wants and is able to use his words to ask for it and 99% of the time I can understand what he is saying. But today we were driving to a park when the following conversation happened:

S: Cock mama, a cock!
Me: What’s that S?
S: A cock
Me: Hmm..I didn’t see it. You mean you saw a big TRUCK??
S: No mama, cock. Time!!
Me: Ohhhh you mean a clock!!

Face *palm*

Can’t wait to hear what’s coming next šŸ˜‰

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