I see…

For the last two weeks, S and I play this game in the car. Call it my version of “I spy…” So I usually start and I say “I see…a red bus” and he’ll say “I see a red bus” and if another one happens to drive by he’ll say “I see two red bus.” And so it goes on.


Last week I said “I see trees” and he responded with “I see flowers.” The boy is getting good.

This morning we were driving to nursery and I said “I see a black taxi” and S said “I see a black taxi mama” and then he said “I see a yellow van.” And I looked and looked but I could not see this yellow van!! So I said “Where??” And he kept pointing and saying “There mama” and suddenly, on the other side of the road, behind closed gates sat a big yellow van.

Damn, my protégé is beating me at my own game!! :O

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