Our family tradition featuring Giraffe

My dad was leaving town last Tuesday and one of our family traditions is to go out to dinner as a family the evening before someone is flying out. But on Monday I didn’t have anyone to watch S and so we decided to go for brunch on the Sunday. It was also the day the clocks went back and so by 10am “new time”, we were all quite hungry.

We headed over to Giraffe in Belsize Park.


I’ve never eaten there but driven by the one near us and used the loo at the one on the Southbank (my favourite part of London). Giraffe is bright and spacious and very child friendly (there were several family tables when we got there). As soon as we were seated our waiter brought over some crayons and a colouring sheet for S. Soon after he took our order he brought a little plastic green giraffe over for S which became his favourite toy for the next week.


Whether you want something light like yoghurt and fruit, something slightly heavier like Croque Giraffe or something indulgent like stacked blueberry and banana pancakes, Giraffe caters to everyone. They also have a good selection for kids and at great prices (£5.65 for a meal and a drink).

I ordered S the Sunny Schnitzel & Salad (with a side of steamed vegetables) and being a lover of all things spicy, I had the Huevos Rancheros Mexican Breakfast. I can tell you, it really hit the spot. The base was crispy, the avocado and tomato salsa was so fresh, the eggs were perfectly cooked and the jalapenos and chorizo gave it a spicy kick.



I’ve had a look at the mains menu online and it’s definitely a place I need to check out again. S is still young and when eating out I like to know he’s getting good quality, fresh food. Giraffe hits the nail on the head with that one!

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