Bonfire night and fireworks

I love fireworks!! It could be due to all the fun I had when I lived in India during Diwali time. Or watching New Years eve fireworks. Whatever it is, I find them magical. Standing underneath a dark sky and watching it explode with colour.

This is the first year S is old enough to understand what fireworks are. A fortnight ago we were driving back from Surrey the day before Diwali when I spotted some fireworks. I pointed them out to S and he seemed to like them. He came home and excitedly told my mom he’d seen fireworks.

It was my mission then to find a good display for Bonfire night. I trawled the internet, I followed posts on local mummy groups and I asked friends and family but none of the times really suited us. On Friday we have a birthday party so can’t make the Coram Fields one (that was our first choice). On Saturday I have an event I have to be at and so we can’t go up to Primrose Hill to watch the Embankment fireworks.

Someone finally mentioned there would be fireworks at Little Venice around 6:30pm this evening and so I thought maybe we could go there. But then at 6pm this evening I hear lots of commotion outside our house and it turns out all the local residents had gathered around with their kids (we have lots of kids in our square) for a firework display. Perhaps I should have just asked my neighbours all along?! Duh Natasha!


So I took S out with his sparklers and he spent the better part of an hour watching the firework display right on our doorstep and loving every minute of it all.


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