One proud mama

I had my first parent teacher meeting today. The nursery S is at is really good and I get a chance to have a quick chat with his teacher every time I pick him up but sitting down with her one on one was a completely different experience. Twenty seconds into her praise, I burst into tears. She was slightly startled but very sweet. Why you might ask? Well being a single parent can be really difficult. While every parent worries about their child, you worry that little bit extra because essentially, you’re doing it on your own. As a primary caregiver, you’re taking care of your child’s mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial well being. Now if that’s not a weight on your shoulder’s, I don’t know what is.

While I think S is such a happy, thoughtful and awesome little boy (if I do say so myself), it’s quite nice to hear that coming from someone who can be more objective. Who sees him in a different light as his teacher and not his parent. So when I wiped away my tears and got past my little emotional outburst, I was beaming šŸ˜€ and very very proud.

Sure, he has areas that have room for improvement but overall he’s doing great and I couldn’t be happier.

Single Parent Pessimist

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