Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

My brother is in town visiting us and this afternoon we decided to take S down to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. I’d been last year with my friend Anushka who is as obsessed with Christmas as I am (we’re even going to “Father Christmas Land” this year) and I considered taking S but I thought he was far too young for it and so we ended up going only once he was in bed.

This year however, he has proven what a little dare devil he is and so I figured he’d enjoy it. We only got there at 4pm and ended up leaving at 6pm but in that time he got to go on quite a few rides and we managed to stop for dinner and a cup of hot mulled wine. Yummy!

The best thing about Winter Wonderland is that it’s free and really, given the extortionate prices of the rides and games, it’s a saving grace. Is it possible for you to go to Winter Wonderland and have any sort of experience without spending money? I’d say not really. It’s nice to walk around, take in the sights, listen to some christmas songs and overall feel totally Christmassy but to truly enjoy it, you need to have a heavy wallet.


A cup of mulled wine will set you back £4.50, a cup of hot chocolate about £3.50, marshmallows (which you can roast over an open fire) were £2.50 and the rides varied from £2 for children’s rides to £6 for bumper cars!!!

I much preferred South Bank last week (post coming soon). There weren’t Christmas songs but there was lots else to see and do. I have to honestly say we didn’t get to really check out the entire place and so I can’t totally judge it (we may go back to go to Santa Land) but from what we saw, Winter Wonderland is just a glorified theme park.

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