‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year

I absolutely LOVE Christmas…the magic, the enchantment, the presents!! 🙂

S and I spent a lovely afternoon with my uncle, aunt and cousin today. Earlier this week we went to Father Christmas World in Kent and S was so mesmerised by Santa, the elves and all things Christmas so today was the perfect addition to an already magical week.

We got there early in the afternoon and after a bit of lunch (and some mulled wine), we decided to make some biscuits. My cousin Renu dug out her cookie cutters and a recipe online and we got started.


Our recipe required the dough to stand for a couple of hours and so we went into the living room to decorate and put up the tree.


My aunt’s an amazing cook and assured us that 30-40 minutes was enough time for the dough and so back into the kitchen we went to roll out and cut our biscuits. Renu found a Peppa Pig ice lolly case which was a total winner in S’s books!




20 minutes later they were ready to be eaten and they were good!!


Thanks Renu!

Last year we made salt play dough Christmas tree decorations and S practically body surfed across all the flour. This year he took a keen interest in mixing, kneading and rolling out the dough. It was such fun to watch him get involved and be a part of it all. We’ll definitely be doing some more baking at home over the holidays.

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