#markwarnermum Our perfect holiday

Dear Judges at Mark Warner,

I’ve spotted my mama reading some blogs lately with the hashtag #markwarnermum She laughs at some of the videos and shakes her head at others. She’s been talking about wanting to write a post for this competition you guys at Mark Warner are holding but today’s the deadline and she hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Part of the reason is probably because she hasn’t been feeling too well and the other part…well let’s just say since I turned 2 years and 9 months last week, I’ve been driving her crazy testing boundaries!

Anyway, I thought I’d help her out by writing the post for her. My mama loves travelling and exploring new places. She’s grown up in so many different cities, wanderlust should really be her middle name. I’m only 2 years and 9 months and I’ve already visited London, Birmingham, Oxford…wait it gets better…Hong Kong, Taipei, Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Dublin, Birr, Dunmore East, Lagos, Goa, Manila, Cebu and we’re going to Dubai on Saturday.

She believes:




Before she had me back in 2012, she was quite the adventurer. She went trekking to the Himalayas with my aunty Bhavna because it was her dream to see Mount Everest and she always talks about doing it again one day.


Our perfect holiday would look something like this:


I love the sand and sea and my mama loves to keep me happy. This summer we built sand castles on the beach, played in the sea and she let me sit on a jet ski but then made me get off so she could speed away! Spoil sport! I know I’m little but I’m quite the adventurer myself.

I hope the resort we go to has a nice swimming pool, a fab indoor play area, bikes to rent and ride around the resort, a good selection of wine (don’t worry, that’s for my mama, not for me!) and lots of extra fluffy white pillows (my mama loves them!).

I think you should choose us because…

1. I absolutely love the water:


2. I can charm the pants off any air hostess, making flying with me a breeze:


3. I can rock a pair of sunglasses:


4. Watching aeroplanes makes me happy:


5. My mama would be the perfect #markwarnermum


Well it’s time for me to go to bed but I hope my mama receives some good news at 10am on Friday, it would be the perfect Christmas present for her. Aside from the fact that she would make an awesome #markwarnermum, you’ll have fabulous pictures of yours truly on holiday!! šŸ™‚


*This post is an entry for the Mark Warner Ambassador 2015 programme.

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