Why we mums are The Cat in the Hat

Totally agree…this post says it all!

Dubai's Desperate Housewife

Having never really appreciated Dr Seuss’ books as a child, I’ve recently developed a love of his mind-expanding rhymes and anapaestic tetrameter as I explore his books with DS.

Image and text copyright Dr Seuss Image and text: Dr Seuss

And, as we were reading The Cat in the Hat for the umpteenth time the other night, something resonated with me. On page 16, the naughty cat, who is demonstrating his admirable skill at multi-tasking, says:

‘Look at me! Look at me now!’ said the cat. ‘With a cup and a cake on the top of my hat! I can hold two books! I can hold up the fish! And a little toy ship! And some milk on a dish! And look! I can hop up and down on the ball! But that is not all! Oh, no. That is not all…’

‘… I can hold the cup and the milk and the cake! I can…

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