Magic Moments

Anyone who has a toddler knows how challenging it can be. One minute they love noodles and the next, noodles are the enemy. They go from loving bath time to thinking it’s the worse part of their day. And sometimes they lay on the floor saying they want to go outside and when you get all their gear on, they change their minds. It’s a full time job! But amongst all the craziness, you have these magical moments. The one’s that make your heart swell and bring tears to your eyes when you re-live them.

I’ve been having lot’s of those moments lately. S has been extra cuddly and he’ll randomly come up to me and say “I want a BIG cuddle” and then proceeds to throw his arms around my neck and really squeeze. It’s the best part of my day!! In the last couple of days we’ve invented a “small cuddle” and that’s where we go nose to nose and do a little “hee hee hee”. It’s random and silly and probably makes no sense to anyone else. But it’s our magical moment and I’m making the most of it before he grows up and thinks I’m weird!!

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