Myleene Klass’s birthday debacle

I stumbled upon a post this morning, Loose Women were asking for people’s opinions on Myleene Klass’s sarcastic twitter debacle from Wednesday. A little background…Myleene Klass received an email from 2 of the mom’s who’s children go to her daughters school. They requested that for those who wanted to give their daughters gifts, they give money instead so it can be put towards their daughters choice of gift which was a kindle and a desk.

Myleene, not one bit happy with this email, then responded with her very own request for her daughter Ava…a live unicorn. Was sarcasm really needed in this matter? Obviously she thought so. Did it need to be tweeted to all her followers? Probably not! Has it sent thousands of twitter views her way? Most likely yes! I’m not going to link to her Twitter but her handle is @KlassMyleene if you won’t to read it.

There were over 500 responses to the Loose Women thread on Facebook and most of them agreed with Myleene. Most of them thought parents shouldn’t be even expecting gifts. And this is the part that got to me. Let’s be perfectly honest…if your child goes to private school and you’re throwing a birthday party, you will expect a gift. I’ve heard enough mom’s dissect what their kids were given and in some cases not given. Hell, there are many mom’s who even have something to say about the return gifts they get a birthday parties! Lastly, I am a mom who has a cupboard load of unopened toys because either it’s not something S would like or he already has the same thing in another colour/style/design.

If your child goes to private school, I’m pretty sure you can afford £10. However, I also believe that what you gift another child is at your discretion and so perhaps the mom’s could have merely stated they’d prefer cash instead of toys and if someone chose to give £3 and someone else £15 then that would be their choice.

But this story gets even better. According to the Ham & High (A local newspaper in the Hampstead & Highgate area), one of the mom’s shouted across the playground: “Why did you do it, Myleene? Why?” And Myleene shouted back: “If you’ve got a problem with it, talk to me in private.”

The question needs to be asked…If Myleene had a problem with the email, why didn’t she talk to the mom’s in private?!

I can tell you, school mom’s can be feisty and I wouldn’t have liked to be little Ava at school yesterday receiving the brunt of all that angry energy.

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11 thoughts on “Myleene Klass’s birthday debacle

  1. I like where you ended up with this! Exactly, why didn’t she just talk to the other mom I private and explain why she felt it was inappropriate!

  2. and apparentely the email is a year old so why in the paper now?

    I think it is a good idea actually. I dont like the idea that people feel they have to donate £10 but surely one decent present of something the child wants is better than 30 loom band kits etc.

    I think Myleene did this for a bit of self publicity but it has backfired. And yes, poor Ava is going to suffer the fall out on this one

  3. Yes Mummy Barrow, I read later that it’s an old email but I thought she wouldn’t be that silly?! Either way, she’s a person in the media, she designs a range of children’s clothes and she’s looked up to…she really should have handled it with a touch of “class” 😉

  4. I think both were a bit classless and tacky. Her for so publicly sharing the whole debacle and the parents sending a mail asking for money for such items. I have no problem with gift suggestions like “my kid likes drawing, some pens would be nice” or “she loves books by x author” but asking for money for a kindle and a desk seemed a bit tacky to me too… Good rant though! I love your blog name! Popped over from Ranty Friday!

  5. I love the idea of a joint present! I guess that comes from years of being overwhelmed with gifts at birthday parties, then having to find a home for them! I usually have a clear out before a party for that very reason. This is SO not the way to take up any issue but maybe M is too far out of the school-run / regular mum loop to realise her error? x

  6. I’ve not hit the school phase yet but I’m seeing a lot in the groups on Facebook at classbcolleftions for the teachers of obscene amounts of money which makes me think of this!

    Thanks for linking up with #effitfriday

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