The Peppa Pig movie

…Except it wasn’t! It wasn’t a Peppa Pig movie!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or you don’t have children, chances are you would have heard about the Peppa Pig movie that was released last week. When I found out about it, I put going to see it down on our half term to-do list. With S off for the whole week, we had several extra hours to fill.

I ended up going with a group of friends and their children. We were 12 of us in total. I have to admit, I was pretty excited for S. It was his first cinema experience and given how much he loves Peppa Pig, I knew he’d enjoy it. And he did…but I was disappointed (I know I know, it’s not really about me!).


I was expecting a 50-60 minute movie with an actual story line but instead what we got was any Tuesday morning Milkshake on Channel 5. It started with the Milkshake presenters singing and dancing (on screen) and involving the kids in the audience. A Peppa pig character came on and they told us what episodes to expect. In total it was 5 or 6 episodes we’ve already seen and maybe a 20 minute new extended episode (which still had copied scenes from old episodes). Not very original people, not very original!

At the end of the day, the kids enjoyed it and so it doesn’t matter right?! Wrong..this was an opportunity for the people over at Peppa Pig World to actually make a movie…one that we could buy on DVD or download but instead they just regurgitated old episodes, stuck in a new one so we wouldn’t complain and are now sitting back making a tonne load of cash while us mere mortals are basically paying for our children to watch what they watch at home but on a bigger screen while eating popcorn.

Hmmm..think maybe I need to start thinking up a new children’s TV show!!

5 thoughts on “The Peppa Pig movie

  1. I think I must live under a rock as I hadn’t heard about it (we just stick to CBeebies for now) although I do have a friend who told me she was off to see some Peppa episodes at the cinema so maybe that was the same thing! Was it actually marketed as a film? There’s an independent cinema in Edinburgh that shows a few episodes of different kids programmes on a Monday morning and I think it’s a brilliant way to introduce toddlers to the cinema, they get to see something familiar and it’s only about 30 minutes long so less of a struggle to sit still. Unfortunately this clashes with Bagl’s playgroup so not sure when we’ll get to try it out. Glad S enjoyed his first cinema experience!}

  2. i was going to take chunk to this and then my friend said it was just episodes- for Ā£12 for the pair of us I would rather go out for food! So i went to the cheap Ā£2 cinema club kids film which we loved!
    He can watch that spoilt pig Peppa on Milkshake each morning for free lol

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