Fifty Shades of Grey

As I’m sure most people know, the movie Fifty shades of Grey, based on the book by E L James was released last weekend. I only read half of the badly written first book and so when I heard the movie was being released, I wasn’t that fussed.

But, curiosity got the better of me and so I decided to go and watch it with friends. In the approach to the viewing, I read quite a few blogs that were slamming the movie, talking about it being an abusive relationship and sending the wrong signals to young girls out there. Now, having seen it, I do agree, it would send the wrong message to young girls…who didn’t watch it until the end.

But, if you watch it to the end, what you’ll see is a young, naive, and curious young girl who stepped into a relationship that then didn’t do it for her, and walked away from it! Let’s start at the beginning…

Christian Grey – good looking, powerful and wealthy, woos Anastasia Steele – a young, naive virgin. He left her feeling hot and flustered from the moment she met him. A man in power and extremely good looking (in her eyes), he had a hold over her before she could even say a word.

In terms of the actual relationship, there were scenes I couldn’t watch. I was completely disgusted by the idea of “punishment” and it left Anastasia feeling ashamed as well, which is why she put her foot down. But in terms of the actual sex (and there was a lot of it), I personally didn’t see anything wrong with it. All I saw was a girl being pleasured in more ways than she ever imagined and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t enjoy that?!

I actually felt sorry for Christian. Here is a guy who struck gold and now has all this money and power but no love. He was orphaned at 4, probably never really felt like a part of his new family, was introduced to an unhealthy sexual relationship at the age of 15 by a woman who took advantage of him AND kept saying “It’s just the way I am” when Anastasia questioned why he was the way he was. Serious issues there!

But before jumping on the bandwagon of shaming the movie, give it a go and then judge. I would hope women (and girls) would watch it and see that although it’s easy to get carried away out of curiosity, you don’t need to stand for something that makes you feel ashamed and be able to walk away from it.

Also, it’s fiction! I think everyone has gotten so caught up in the hype that they are forgetting that. It’s like saying Jacob from the twilight series is a paedophile because he “imprinted” on Renesmee or that it’s okay to hit your dad with a bat as Curly Sue does in order to be taken in and looked after by a wealthy lady who thinks she’s the one at fault. And what about the makers of Grand Theft Auto, a violent video game marketed to young impressionable boys?

There will be so many things out there that influence our youth. Today it’s a movie, tomorrow it’ll be something else. I think it’s more important we focus our energy on raising our children to know right from wrong and empowering them so they hold on to those values more than what they watch in a 90 minute movie.

What are your thoughts on the movie?

3 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. I read the books but haven’t seen the movie yet! I agree with your view and thank you for pointing out its fiction! I have seen so many people shame this movie but in my opinion leading to the curiosity of young woman who may want to see it just because of all the controversy. O want to watch it but Mayne when it’s on dvd and at redbox lol

  2. I completely agree with you Nats! We have no control on the world but we can surely empower our children from within so they can handle today’s world. Great write up! Keep going darling. Xx

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