Moments amongst the mayhem

S turned 3 a couple of weeks ago and since then he’s turned into a right diva toddler! He’s pushing boundaries, getting stroppy and exerting his authority. I understand it’s all part of finding his place in the world but man it can be exhausting! Anyhow, this post isn’t really about that, another one will be on its way…a girl needs to vent!! This post is actually about the really cute moments amongst this crazy “threenager” phase.

S noticed a scar on my shin a few days ago and asked me about it. I explained I fell a long time ago and it left a mark. Then this conversation happened yesterday:

S: Mama, what is that on your leg?

Me: I fell S and hurt my leg.

S: Mama, you need to be careful.

Me: I know S, thanks for reminding me. I will be careful.

S: You promise? *with such an earnest look*

Me: *Unable to respond because heart is melting*

And it’s moments like these that sort of re-set my “patience clock” and I’m ready to handle my little one stroppy “threenager” again.

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