Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat

**possible spoiler alert**

As with all Chetan Bhagat’s books, this one was very easy to read. However, like his other books which I felt had more substance, I was sad to see this one didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading it but I’m a die hard romantic and even this one was a bit far fetched for me.

Madhav Jha is a poor Bihari prince who is studying at the reputable St. Stephen’s College in Delhi where he meets and falls in love with the rich and affluent Riya Somani. She breaks his heart, reappears in his life a few years later and breaks it again but he never gives up – I’m still trying to decide if that’s true love or if he was just crazy! The book is divided into several parts and the last part has Madhav visiting and calling over 1000 bars in New York searching for his one true love. Like with all Bollywood movies, it has a happy ending and this is what I take issue with. Not the happy ending but the fact that it feels like Chetan Bhagat has written this to be turned into a blockbuster (like 3 idiots and 2 states).

Although I like his writing style and enjoy all the political and historical statements he makes, I was let down by this book because I expected more from him. 3 idiots had people sitting up and thinking about the way they are taught in India…half girlfriend is just your typical Bollywood rom com.

If you fancy a light beach read then pick this up.

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