I’ve heard the term “threenager” before but never fully got it until S turned 3. He’s always been a clockwork baby/toddler and this change was no different. When he turned 3 it’s like someone whispered “game over mama”!! To say it’s a difficult phase is an understatement. Not so much because his behaviour can be challenging (it really can!) but because it’s like dealing with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Just before lunch we were lying down and I was doing silly dance moves which had him laughing hysterically (my favourite sound in the world) and this evening I had him screaming, hitting and being downright strong-willed. Even when on holiday I try to keep him routine because a tired child is a cranky child and often I can put his behaviour down to him being tired but at other times it comes out of no where.

The other thing I’ve noticed is it’s only really with me *should I be offended?* If I leave S with my mom for the afternoon, he’s an angel but he feels the need to test his boundaries with me. I suppose as his mama I am his main care taker and he looks to me for guidance/limits.

We’re in India at the moment and I can tell you that the heat makes me a lot less patient (I think it’s time to go home now!!) and I was questioning how to handle my strong willed boy when my cousin put this link up on Facebook:

One of the things I’ve always tried to bare in mind with S is that it’s a good thing he knows what he wants. I truly believe those that know what they want, get what they want and so I don’t tend to push him if he says he doesn’t want something.

I also try to judge if he’s tried and put him down for a nap before he gets over-tired. Although he cut his naps out completely back in November, I guess the heats been getting to him too because we’ve been in India and Sri Lanka for the last couple of weeks and he’s napped almost everyday.

As I was saying to a friend just the other day, parenting is a work in progress. Just when we think we’ve found our parenting groove, our protégé’s grow, develop and change, forcing us to do the same.

Have you gone through the “threenager” phase yet?? Any pearls of wisdom?

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