The secret to staying young

I had a delightful conversation with a 75 year old French woman when I was getting my nails done on Friday. She was chatting to her 85 year old friend and then turned to me and said: “Oh the two of us, we were beautiful around 40 years ago, parading about with our big hats and our hair.” So of course I told her she was still beautiful and from there our conversation carried on.

She was from Paris and had in fact just gotten back to London an hour before and come straight to do her nails. She told me how Stella (the 85 year old) was stunning back in the day (she still was!) and she had amazing hair.

“I love wearing wigs and I buy a lot of them” she said. “I have about 12. And why not? You youngsters, you wear hair extensions, so why shouldn’t I wear wigs? You know that girl…hmm…Rhianna and the other one…(Jennifer Lopez I offered)…Yes, her too but there’s another one..hmm…Cheryl Cole! That’s it…she wears extensions.”

We got chatting more about how she looked after herself. Having just spent a couple of weeks with one of my grandmothers (who just turned 80) and comparing her to these 75 and 85 year old women, I wanted to know what kept them so young and agile. “I go spinning once a week at the gym here” she said. “And I also try and look after myself. If you google Kim Kardashian make up, you’ll find a link that shows you how to do your make up so you look like this (she pushes her cheeks up) and I follow that sometimes and ooh I look so glamourous.”

A few more minutes of chatting and she had to leave (not before telling me I should go with a bright pink nail colour for Spring). It got me thinking about how important it is to look after ourselves. Not just getting our nails done but working out, staying active and making an effort to look good so in turn we feel good. I know when I have my nails and hair done, even if I’m in yoga pants, I feel better about myself. Making an effort gives us a sense of confidence, a little spring in our step. We don’t need to have the perfect body or slap on tonnes of make up to be beautiful. When we’re happy with ourselves, the beauty shines through šŸ™‚

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4 thoughts on “The secret to staying young

  1. I love this. It’s so true. We need to look after ourselves and working out and eating healthy not only makes is look good BUT feel
    Good! There much to learn from that generation especially the French!

  2. Brilliant post! I want to be like those two ladies when I am their age! I love that they even knew who Kim K, Rihanna and Cheryl Cole even were!
    Sometimes I berate myself for taking such bad care of myself, both in terms of health and appearance, if we don’t treat ourselves with care now, we won’t reach 85, or at least won’t be able to take spinning classes when we do!
    Thanks for sharing xx

    • I totally agree! Having just spent a few weeks with my grandmother who is 80 and has such difficulty even walking (and having bad knees run in the family), I’ve taken to jogging and hot yoga. I def. know who I want to be physically like when I’m 80!

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