Girlfriends – which type are you?

Back in my youth, I was quite the tom boy and naturally most of my friends were boys. I loved running around, playing football and generally preferred male company. A lot less drama back then! However, all changed when I got married and moved to Hong Kong. Thrown into the deep end in a city that wasn’t home, I came to rely on some really close girl friends who I now think of as my family.

Last week I was chatting to one of them about love and life. This particular friend is my voice of reason and she has no issues with telling me how it is, disagreeing with my view or presenting me with advice I’ve given her in the past. Talking to her felt like taking a weight off.

It’s not international woman’s day or friendship day but I just felt the need to thank the women in my life. These are the 4 type of women I’m blessed to have in my life:

1. The one that isn’t afraid to tell you how it is

As a Virgo, I can get quite carried away with my imagination. I have big dreams and sometimes unrealistic expectations but this friend has no issues with bringing me back down to earth or giving me a different perspective.

2. The one that will indulge you

We all need one of these because sometimes we don’t want to chat with the devil’s advocate. Sometimes we just need to have a good ol’ moan and have someone listen. Chatting about life changing decisions is however a no-go if that person is not going to set me on the straight and narrow.

3. The one with a child/children

As moms, we all need one of these and I’m lucky to have a good few. Whether it’s chatting about schools, mandarin class, unisex schools vs. co-ed. or simply moaning about toddlerhood over a bottle glass of wine, this friendship is a sanity saver!

4. The spiritual one

Ahhhh….calm! That’s how you feel after chatting to this friend. She puts life into perspective and you leave her feeling like you’ve just had an amazing conversation. This friend is usually also quite positive and so you come away feeling energetically high.


What type of girl friend are you?

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