Loving this age

I know I was having a bit of a rant a few weeks ago when I talked about S turning into a threenager but upon closer inspection, I have to admit, I am really enjoying this age. Sure, I find myself getting cross and having to assert my authority a little but with his incredible conversational skills and his ability to notice and question things that I don’t think about, my little man really has got my attention.

A few nights ago we were reading Aladdin (I say read but really he won’t let me read to him anymore, he insists on flicking through the book describing the story to me) when he got to a page where Princess Jasmine was in a bikini top bowing down to the evil Jafar and he said to me “Mama, where are princess Jasmine’s clothes?” I was stumped! I quickly pulled myself together and told him the bad Jafar had taken them and Aladdin was on his way to rescue her. I really need to come up with a better answer because Jasmine seems to be dressed in teeny tops most of the time!

Yesterday we spent most of the day out and when we got home I told S I was proud of him for using the toilet and not having any accidents. A little while later he was on Skype with my mom and she was telling him she was proud of me for taking part in Race for Life on Saturday. I guess he started to think about things that make you proud because as I was putting him down to sleep last night he started his usual banter and then he said “Mama, I’m very proud of you” I gushed and said “Aww..thanks S” and he then followed on by saying “For not doing wee wee and poo poo in your panties!!” It’s not the best reason for him to be proud of me but I’ll take it!!

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11 thoughts on “Loving this age

  1. Ha! I love what he was proud of you about! Kids really do come out with the funniest things!
    Ooh what about telling him that she wears little clothing because it’s so hot!?

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