Redesigning your blog

I read a post recently by Aby over at You Baby Me Mummy and was quite impressed by how she took re-designing her blog into her own hands. However, if you’re technologically challenged like I am and html and coding are double dutch to you then here’s my guide to having your blog re-designed on a budget.

1. Look for inspiration. I checked out lots of blogs I liked, what I liked about them and what I didn’t like about them. Even if you’re having someone else do all the work, knowing what you want your blog to look like, the colours you like, the general feel is really important.

2. For the first two years I had my blog, I had a picture that was badly sized up as the header. I never really thought about taking my blog to new levels, I mainly wrote it for me and family/friends who read it so I didn’t bother changing this. But my gosh, what a big difference a decent header makes. I used Helen Braid of Ellie Illustrates. I’ve noticed since then that a lot of bloggers use her and I can see why. She charged £100 to do my header, a co-ordinating square Avatar which I’ve used on my Facebook and Instagram pages and she installed it all on the blog for me. She can also coordinate your blog background for you as a part of this. I loved the hearts she has on her page but unfortunately because I have a account and not a account, I’m limited to the backgrounds I have.

3. Although WordPress is pretty user friendly and it’s easy to add things and move things around, if you don’t fancy spending valuable time on trying to figure out social media buttons and placing widgets on a sidebar of a new theme (I had my theme changed and it felt like everything I knew about WordPress changed) then consider this amazing website: People per hour I’ve used this site a few times and it really is amazing. All you do is put in what you want and the price you’d like to pay and people from all over the world bid for the job. I had a WordPress expert help change my theme, put all my social media icons in place and generally tidy my blog up for £25.

It goes without saying that as a blogger, your main role is to blog good content and keep up to date on all your social media channels (all which I do myself ofcourse). Although I’d eventually love to learn the designing side of things, I was happy to have someone else do it for me.

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10 thoughts on “Redesigning your blog

  1. I’m a total novice with all these things as my husband has a web company and has always done it for me – I really do need to get to grips with a little bit though! Great post and thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

    • Thanks 🙂 I am hosted on WordPress but I’m looking to self host (still trying to figure out what it all means) because apparently you get a lot more features if you are self hosted. Good luck with it and when you figure out the whole self hosting thing then you can give me some tips 😉 xx

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