Ayubowan Sri Lanka

We’re quite lucky when it comes to travel. I’ve had lots of family destination weddings in the last year which have taken us to Goa, Manila, Cebu and more recently, Sri Lanka. My cousin Jaya got married at the beautiful Jet Wing Blue, located on the West Coast of Sri Lanka in Negombo. Only a 20 minute drive from the airport, it’s convenient and easy to get to. We arrived at 8pm so we missed the sunset but a friend had sent me a picture in anticipation of us arriving. What a sight…


Jet Wing Blue falls under the Jet Wing umbrella which boasts numerous resorts around Sri Lanka. Although we were in the main Blue hotel, a few of the others were connected to ours and we had access to all their pools and of course the whole stretch of beach.


The rooms were large and spacious and they each had a balcony attached. Ours overlooked the beach which was amazing!


I loved the fact that they are concerned about the environment and have systems in place to reduce the wastage of water.


Although I don’t have any pictures of their food, I can tell you it was amazing. For those with a more dulcet palate, beware! The food can be quite spicy. Ask your servers and avoid the extra’s that come with the local string hoppers and egg hoppers. They tend to be on the spicy side. The hotel also has a crèche/playroom so if you fancy a quick massage or a kids free dip in the ocean, you can leave your kids in safe hands here. We never used the crèche, however we did avail of the babysitting services of the crèche manager who was lovely.

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The people of Sri Lanka are very hospitable and always have a smile on their face as they wish you Ayubowan (welcome/hello in Singhalese). However, expect to ask for everything twice as their service often moves at a glacial pace!

The only criticism I have of the hotel, and it’s not really their fault, is the bugs. Given that it’s a completely open plan hotel (which is part of it’s beauty…you can literally see through it) and the back opens straight out onto the beach, there’s nothing really you can do to keep the bugs out. As long as your balcony door is shut, you don’t have to worry about any in your room. Take lots of insect repellent spray and you’ll be fine!

Although we stayed in the resort the whole time with just a day trip to Colombo, there is a lot to see and do in Sri Lanka.

Visit the Uda Walawe National Park which I’ve heard rival’s some of the safari’s in East Africa. With herds of Elephant, Buffalo, Leopards and Deer roaming free.

The Golden Temple in Dambulla with huge gold statues of Buddha is a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary.

If you love elephants (and who doesn’t love elephants), you must visit the Pinnawala Elephant Sanctuary which is about 90km from Colombo, on the way to Kandy. Here you can watch the elephants as they bathe and play in the open waters.

Sri Lanka is famous for it’s Ceylon tea so if you have enough time and you fancy something a touch more luxurious then be sure to check out the famous tea trails.

Lastly, a trip to Kandy. Located in the central part of Sri Lanka and boasting some amazing resorts, a short trip to Kandy is a must. We didn’t get to see or do much while in Sri Lanka but I definitely think it needs to go on our bucket list of places to visit again.

Have you visited Sri Lanka? Is there anywhere else you’d recommend visiting?

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14 thoughts on “Ayubowan Sri Lanka

  1. Ooh I’m so jealous. I’ve always wanted to go to Sri Lanka and this hotel looks great #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Hi! That looks amazing. I am currently trying to think of somewhere for our next family holiday and I am totally stuck, so it´s great to read a holiday review by a parent! # TwinklyTuesday

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  4. We got married in Sri Lanka and it was stunning…babysitting services are easy to get and they can travel with you! The villas in Galle and near the south are stunning, exclusive and kid friendly!

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