#HappyQuacks Linky Wk 4

I can’t believe we’re already at week 4 of #happyquacks Time is certainly flying. I’ve really enjoyed reading all the posts, so thank you so much to all those who linked up. These 3 in particular really resonated with me last week:

1. The Single Swan’s post about ditching her wedding day to have the day she wanted. It’s about realising what’s happening and choosing happiness. I love all her posts and this one was no exception. Especially the part about feeling liberated.

2. Angela of Days in Bed wrote a great post about how to teach your child about healthy competition. It’s a long read but a good one. With the pressures of modern society to be, look and act a certain way, I think this is a really important lesson to teach our kids.

3. I loved Hectic dad’s post about big families. You wouldn’t be faulted for thinking the cover picture is one of a small town but it is in fact his family. Reading his post made me want to meet them and be in on their little jokes too!

So on to this week’s linky…

This week I’m linking up with an old post about turning 30!

I host this linky with Rod over at Moderndadpages. This linky is open to all and every post you’ve ever written about anything that makes you happy. It could be your kids, your spouse, your family, your holiday, whatever it is that makes you happy.

Each week I’ll pick 3 of my favourite posts and they’ll get a little shout out in the following week’s link up post.

I don’t want to set any hard and fast rules BUT linky’s only work if you share the love so please comment on at least one of our posts and maybe 2-3 others that have linked up using the hashtag #happyquacks. Put the badge on the bottom of your post and lastly, if you tweet us your URL (using the hashtag #happyquacks), we’ll happily retweet all your posts. (@mamaduckquacks and @moderndadpages)

It would also make us happy if you followed us on Twitter and Facebook.

#happyquacks will go live on a Wednesday evening (6pm GMT) until Sunday evening (6pm GMT).

Looking forward to reading all your posts!

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