What should I pack in my hospital bag?!

What should I pack in my hospital bag is a question I see asked time and time again in mum groups that I’m a part of. Although I was super organised when it came to purchases, etc. for S before he was born, my hospital bag wasn’t something I gave much thought to. I suppose I figured I was giving birth in Central London and if I needed anything, it would be easily available.

However, to make life a little easier, I asked several mama’s and have put together quite a list. You may not need everything on here but it’s there just in case.

For mama:
1. Comfortable pj’s (button up are easier for feeding)
2. Flip flops (public showers are not fun!)
3. Granny Knickers
4. A fan (especially if you’re giving birth in the summer)
5. Cotton Wool
6. Maternity pads
7. Sugary sweets
8. Refillable bottle with nozzle
9. Phone charger
10. Dried prunes for post birth poo (not something a lot of mums think about but let’s be honest, it’s reality).
11. Socks (your toes can get really cold during labour)
12. An old tshirt/nightie for labour
13. Lip balm
14. Hair ties
15. Things to keep you occupied (I doubt you’ll read a book but an Ipad/tablet, magazines help)
16. Snacks & Drinks
17. A going home outfit
18. Nursing bras
19. Breast pads
20. Toiletries
21. A towel
22. A eye mask (those hospital wards can be very bright!)
23. Make up (if you think it’ll help you feel better)
24. A hot water bottle (this can help post birth)
25. A TENs machine if you’re going to use one.
26. A breast pump if you think you might want to pump
27. Wet wipes
28. A camera/camera phone

For baby:
1. Lot’s of nappies
2. 4-5 sleepsuits and vests
3. Muslins
4. Socks and a hat
5. A going home outfit
6. Formula milk (even if you’re planning on breastfeeding, it may take time for your milk to come in)
7. A baby car seat (some hospital’s won’t let you leave without one, even if you’re going to walk home and you bring a pushchair)

I hope this list helps, let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed out!

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