Legoland Windsor

My friend R lives right by LEGOLAND is always telling me about it. I decided that this was the summer we were going to finally get out there and do all the outdoor stuff on our bucket list. S is now at that age where he doesn’t nap, he can entertain himself (and me) on long car rides, train rides and plane rides AND he loves the outdoors.

Back in May, I joined Sun Plus and was eligible for a family pass to LEGOLAND (for only £9.99). Woohoo! As R lives pretty close by and S and her daughter are the best of friends, we drove up on Tuesday afternoon, spent the night with her and headed out to LEGOLAND bright and early on Wednesday. Although we got there at 9:40, 20 minutes before the park opened, it was pretty crowded. R is now a LEGOLAND expert and was able to navigate us between the various “cities” to make the most of our day. Mummy efficiency at it’s best!



We took the train down and started with the basic rides – the boats, the car driving, the fire truck and the carousel and swings. Let me warn you, the fire truck looks really awesome, S loved it but all the work comes down to the parent on this one, especially if your little one is still only a toddler.




Before we knew it, it was 11:45 and so we made our way to the pirate show. By 11:55, the stadium style seats were packed (for a 12:15 showing). A 15 minute pirate show with water, fire and some awesome stunts, the kids really enjoyed it and S is still talking about the “big fire” and the pirates.


Sitting down for the show also gave us a chance to give the kids their lunch. Although there is a lot of food available at LEGOLAND, I’d been told it wasn’t so great and more than that, we didn’t want to waste time eating somewhere when we could be enjoying the rides (by “we” I mean the kids ofcourse ;-))

We headed over to the Pirates playground after the show which again S loved. It’s actually for kids age 5 upwards but he was still able to climb most of the frames.



I have to be honest, we wanted to get a lot of rides done but we weren’t too fussed if we didn’t get to go on the most popular ones. At 3 years old, both kids don’t have all the patience in the world and we opted to enjoy the day by avoiding the major queues. I think the longest we queued for any ride was 15 minutes (without Q Bot, which you can purchase to skip the queues). Next up was the Lego train which all 4 of us enjoyed!


We finally headed over to the Duplo playground for younger kids, which happened to be right beside the splash zone. It looked amazing but the weather wasn’t great, it was very cloudy all day with mini downpours every so often. While at the Duplo playground, the clouds decided to part and the sun came out…what dya know?! But unfortunately the pump wasn’t working and so the splash zone was closed. As luck would have it, they opened it up 15 minutes later and it was still sunny. S absolutely loves the water and I think this was the highlight of his day!



I finally managed to get him out with the promise to go on the “Elf” submarine. S absolutely loves Ben & Holly, a children’s show which features a submarine as part of the “Elf rescue team”.

Although the submarine didn’t actually submerge in water, it felt like it did which was pretty cool. I have been on a real submarine in Barbados before and I have to say, the way they’ve created this for the kids to believe they are underwater looking at all the fish, sharks and sting rays is pretty impressive. Don’t miss it!

We finally walked towards the entrance, exhausted and happy! But not before passing by mini LEGOLAND. It’s no secret how much I love London and I loved seeing it as a miniature replica.




If I’m not mistaken, you can collect discount coupons on Kellog’s brands of cereal to get Buy 1 Get One Free tickets at LEGOLAND this summer.

Legoland makes an absolutely fantastic day out. There is something for everyone and both S and N had an amazing time. It’ll definitely be on our list of places to visit next summer as well.

22 thoughts on “Legoland Windsor

  1. Oh wow, fab review, could you email them next time to get comp tickets? I’d like to try that submarine ride with the kids, glad it lived up to Barbados standards, amazing. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

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    • Groupon have some deals on at the moment, it’s totally worth it if you can go before all the schools break up (although I think that may be on Friday :$) xx

      • That’s where we’re stumped hubby is teacher so doing anything as family always means busy busy and pricey. But I’ll def look into going never mind for callum for me, loved logo as a kid! Ha ha xx

  3. This makes me SO excited for when Arjun’s a little older! It must be so nice watching your little one at places like these! It looks like you guys had a fun filled day x #happyquacks

    • I’m sure he would. Along the queue lines of a couple of rides, there were Lego boxes filled with pieces, the kids could just play while they waited! Very cool!

  4. We took our kids to the Legoland in Orlando two years ago and they just loved it. They could ride almost all the rides and the crowds were fairly light on the day we went. I personally found some of the rides a bit small for a big guy like me but, since it’s for the kids, what can you do. Thanks for hosting. #happyquacks

    • I agree Rob, the ones in the Duplo area were on the tighter side. I was wandering how some of the taller mom’s and dad’s might feel. I’m waiting for S to be a little older before I take him to Orlando. Legoland and Disney 🙂 x

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