A sticker for your hard work

S absolutely loves stickers. When I was potty training, I used a sticker chart which really worked for us. His teacher at nursery inspired the idea because it was something they were doing there and I thought I’d carry it on at home. The other day he handed me a sticker and said “Mama, a sticker for your hard work.” I smiled and took it and the more I thought about it, I realised, we mama’s, we totally deserve it! And I don’t believe mothers give themselves enough credit for what they do and how hard they work.

So to all my mama’s out there, here’s a sticker for YOU, for everything.

For carrying and loving a baby for 9 months, giving birth, feeding, the emotions, the hormones, the sleepless nights.

For the shushing and patting, the rocking and the swaying. For their tears and ours!

For the colic and the gas. For walking our babies around in pushchairs to fall asleep, for driving our babies around to fall asleep. For the singing and humming, the lullaby’s and the nursery rhymes.

For the burping, the spit up and the pooing. Hell I’ve had poo all down my pyjamas, I think I deserve a sticker.

For the weaning, the steaming, picking pasta off their hair, picking pasta off the floor.

For the mess and the pureeing, for the bad backs bent over bath tubs, nights spent worrying about fevers and days spent worrying about naps.

For the classes and the songs. Because you know every nursery rhyme back to front.

For the Lego you have bought and the towers you have built. For the books that you read every night and the gadgets that you buy to make life that little bit easier.

For the ouchies that you’ve kissed better, for the tears you’ve wiped away.

For every time you woke in the night and every time you were woken before day break.

For the tantrums and the whining, the indecisiveness and the mind changing.

YOU, my fellow mama, deserve a sticker…for all your hard work! Because even though you don’t realise it, YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!!

We do it for the love, the kisses, the cuddles, the “I love you mama’s” and the hugs (oh the hugs are the best!) but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. It just means it’s totally worth it!

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30 thoughts on “A sticker for your hard work

  1. Love this! When I was a teacher, I found the power of the sticker worked even on some of the older kids! Think we all love a sticker!

  2. Stickers are a fabulous way to reward young children and so often work. I love it when my daughter gets a sticker for being brave at the dentist and stickers for effort at school. It is such a small thing but really helps children with their self worth/self esteem. Thanks for sharing a fabulous post!

    Angela xx

  3. thank you for the sticker. Isn’t is nice when our kids see the work we put in. I hear from my 8 year old sometimes and it’s wonderful to be appreciated. Great post! Thanks for sharing

  4. My kids are suckers for a good sticker chart. My 5yo daughter has even started dusting of her own accord to earn stickers for her cleaning chart! I think parents definitely deserve rewards for all the hard work, although I would probably prefer a bottle of red wine! Maybe I should start a sticker chart to earn bottles of wine….
    Enjoyed connecting with your blog via #AnythingGoes

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  6. I would totally accept a sticker for taking my son to the ER today, waiting an hour (which actually isn’t long, considering), and being told that his finger did not in fact need stitches so we went home with a Band-aid!

    • Aww..glad all was well. My poor parents sat at the A&E with S for 3 hours while he had an xray and waited to see the doctor (I was at Britmums Live). Everything was fine, he was running around the children’s waiting room playing with all the toys! Got sent home with nothing! These kids! Thanks for stopping by xx

  7. Got to love a sticker! We still use them all the time. The boys have and I hope for a whole love them. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week

  8. I used to have a coworker who’d walk around every December, giving everyone little charms and stickers to say thank you for a job well done. Your post made me miss him. He retired over 5 years ago. Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

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